Review: My Shopping Genie  by Jenny Ferns

My Net Universe, run by David Freed, Bruce Bise, John Van Deurzen, Andy Cauthen, is a company in: Creve Coeur, MO 63141, USA. It offers free price comparison software called My Shopping Genie which you download to your computer. Like the company's website, My Shopping Genie has a rather clunky look, but it works through whatever search engine you wish to use (such as Google, Bing, Yahoo or AOL). You simply enter whatever item you want to buy and My Shopping Genie searches the Internet to find the best price.

If you just want to use My Shopping Genie to find the lowest prices, then it's free. Distributors give away the free software to friends, customers, prospects etc and will then earn commissions from Pay Per Click "PPC" (along with Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Offer) when people using the My Shopping Genie software click on offers.

According to My Shopping Genie, people joining My Shopping Genie can earn an average of $3 for each piece of the My Shopping Genie software they give away.

It appears that there is no method of directly attributing to each distributor the PPC income generated by their downline. Instead, all this income is collected by a partner company of MyNet Universe Inc, and 50% of this income is then distributed to My Shopping Genie distributors, presumably on the basis of how many pieces of the software they have given away.

When people to whom you've given away the free My Shopping Genie software make an actual purchase from Amazon or Clickbank, you receive 100% of the PPC income directly.

This seems to act as a useful service for anyone with a bonus returning to the giver.  It is suggested to be used as a fundraiser for not for profit organizations.

My Shopping Genie also offers a multi-level marketing business opportunity. It costs $199 to join, for which you receive a license to distribute the price comparison software, and thereafter there is a monthly fee of $29.99.

Once you have recruited two other people into My Shopping Genie, you receive a bonus of an extra 20% on the PPC commission which is earned by people you've recruited into the business.

You receive a payment of $100 every time you recruit two people into the My Shopping Genie business.

This is where the company has got itself a bad name in some countries that have aggressive watchdogs for pyramid schemes. One of the flags is the payment for recruiting people- not a commission for a sale.  Most of the income is generated from recruiting not the actual use of the Genie for shopping. This has resulted in Genie being termed illegal in UK and Ireland, and so people question its legitimacy.

This company has been around a few years but how long will it last? Normally, companies which are in it for the long haul will take out a trademark on their brand and a patent on their software. My Shopping Genie has done neither.

Customers and leads to build any home business is always the issue for a distributor if the company itself is legitimate.