Having a Home Business can be a great experience. After three years of online marketing and many success stories I have met many successful people. I also have talked to hundreds more that just can't afford to get into the high end systems. Most marketers pass these people by and move on to where the money is. Makes sense and believe me is not a bad practice. But what about the people that want to give a Home Business a try on a smaller budget?

I am going to give you a simple plan that you can do just that!

Disclosure, I am a member of the company I will talk about in a few sentences and if you followed my path I would benefit from it. Here at Home Business Ideas, our goal is to help everyone have a chance at a home business. I have to talk about this opportunity because I believe in it! This will sound like a company pitch which it is, but only because it is the only viable, high quality system I have ever seen that can fill the need for this special group of people.

#1 First & Foremost. If you plan on working very hard and you can honestly admit to yourself that on a scale of 1-10 you are an 8 or higher that you want this and it is very important to you, then you can go to step #2. If you can't make that commitment to yourself you are wasting your time. This is a project that takes hard work and total commitment.

#2 The major components to starting an Online Home Business are the following

A Great Sponsor.
A Company That Will Provide Rock Solid Training In Every Aspect.
A product that you can sell that will be respected by you and any possible customer. You have to believe in it to talk about it!
You need a website that you can use to show and talk about your product or service.
You need a way to collect information on people that visit your website.
You need a way to communicate with the people that get on that list of names you have collected.
You need to talk about what you do, to anyone that you think may be interested.
You need to be involved in Social Media like Twitter, Facebook etc.
You need to be able to write blog's just like this one so that people can learn about you.
If you can afford to do some paid advertising it will help, but we are building a plan that can have success without that as part of it.

#3 Let's break down the normal costs of building any home business system and the benefits of each. You will almost always have the following expenses.

Finding A Great Sponsor, needs to be done with research. We list many of the best right here on this site. see Mentors  $0.00
A company that will provide great training usually has a monthly fee ranging from $39.95 to $195.00 average  $75.00. see Companies
A Product that you can sell and respect is the wild card. This can be anywhere from $0.00 to $20,000 average $1,000, Companies
A Website that can help sell you and your product can be $0.00 to $5,000 .. usually around $450.00
A System for collecting leads of visitors from your site can be $10.00 to $250.00 average $150.00 a month
A system to be able to communicate with names you have collected, usually part of the last step but can be $10.00 to $150.00 Avg $0.00 a month

The Average cost of building your Home Business with the above budget.  estimated at $1,500 to $2,500 up front capitol and monthly expenses of $250.00 per month.

Now time for the plan that I have in mind for everyone reading this post.

Membership $39.95 a month.     Our dream company that will allow all of this to happen is   GlobalNPN

Sponsor to help your start up and progress
Setup of your website using WordPress
Hosting of website
Training System built in. You also have this site Home Business Ideas
Several income sources including new members like you ( you must join at Director Level)
Access to a special list of products through ClickBank
Complete name capture system
Unlimited emails to your name lists
Lead generation system
Web Site Domain Name, $10.00  one time fee

Twitter account , No Cost
Facebook account, No Cost

I am going to toss in a $50.00 bill for some extra this or that. You may want a fancy WordPress look or some additional training materials.

I truly believe that for under $100.00 and some good old hard work you can be generating an income in 60 to 90 days if not sooner. Now let's be realistic, you are not going to be wealthy at first. Be reasonable! If you really have strong beliefs and want to make a larger investment at the start, you can do so and earn much more than using my low investment opportunity. You will have to make a much higher investment to see these higher results. None of it guaranteed!

If you have decided you want to give this a try, then it is very simple. Click on the link on the next line, signup for a Director's membership (very important). This is very important step to make sure you get the main features you need without having to invest any additional money beyond what I have covered above.

Our dream company that will allow all of this to happen is (click here --->)  GlobalNPN , Make sure you get the Director level at $39.95 a month.

I personally believe this is the best deal on the internet to start a Home Business. I personally am involved in two different programs that cost $20,000 each to enter in to. The training at GlobalNPN is perfect for what we are going to accomplish. You can move to the more expensive opportunities after you master the skills you need to generate an income. Good Luck!