Andrew Cass is an incredible speaker and often talks about productivity and sales performance training. He received a degree in Business Administration from Hofstra University in New York in 1995. He worked for almost ten years in Investment Banking and Mortgage industry until 2006 when he switched to become and Internet Network Marketing genius. There, he enjoyed the success of realizing the dream of being  a 7-figure producer in two different direct sales opportunities.
He often speaks about those ten years that he worked in  the financial services industry and he is not shy about sharing that he saw some very disturbing things. Since moving on from that industry, he has developed into a powerful instructor, embracing his students via courses, in-person meetings, live events, and his blog. He has an unreal canny for the ways of money and economics and is able to explain it so others understand how they are impacted by the recent changes in our current economy. One of his primary thoughts centers on a belief that, “Real entrepreneurs are not only students of business, they are also students of money.”

He has an incredible work schedule and often finds himself training new students and providing the leadership that is needed in running his own private coaching groups. Currently living in Andrew lives in Miami, Florida, he has co-authored a book with Dan S. Kennedy known as "The Ultimate Success Secret". He also is the author of a free weekly eNewsletter and developed the CD program titles "Productivity Triggers for Today’s High-Performance Network Marketer". A course raved highly by many!

It's possible you have seen Andrew featured in the magazines “The Best of Better Networker” August 2011 and "Home Business Connection’s" August 2010 issue. He is currently enjoying his involvement in hosting events for the Elevation Group along with his great friend Mike Dillard. He currently produces and shares products that will help any type of business that wants higher profits, increased productivity, and survive any change in the economy a reality.

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